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His love shielded her from her past hell, now he’s dead and she’ll do anything to survive!

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J. Calvin Harwood


Pictue of J. Calvin Harwood a home with dog, Darci

As a psychiatrist/psychotherapist nearing three decades of continuous solo private practice in a Midwestern community of less than 20,000 people, J. Calvin Harwood thoroughly enjoys daily clinical and emotional involvement in the unfolding stories and lives of his patients.  Beyond medical school, the preparation for psychiatry involved the completion of 6 years of post-doctoral study with both general and child and adolescent psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. After 3 years of military service as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Heidelberg, Germany, he returned to the U.S. and established his current practice in northern Missouri.

"Practicing psychiatry has provided the lion’s share of my preparation for writing. It has afforded me a unique vantage point as listener, observer, questioner and counselor of people entangled in problems, which have often been provoked or worsened by their childhoods, relationships, surrounding cultures and diseases. During the past thirty years, I have conceptualized several stories. This is the first of those stories I have finished writing."

- J. Calvin Harwood

By J. Calvin Harwood

"Tragically widowed and suddenly surrounded by menacing forces rooted in her small town, Minerva (“Nervy”) is alone and vulnerable.  Like riding a bike for the first time after many years, she slips back effortlessly into the ruthless, counter-attack mindset that defined her tactics for surviving her childhood’s rural Missouri poverty, sexual exploitation, and pre-prison meth dealing.  Watering Weeds follows the struggles of 45-year-old Nervy whose husband (“Walter”), a local psychiatrist beleaguered by multiple malpractice law suits, is found dead as a result of an apparent suicide."

-Watering Weeds



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